Xingfa group's culture is the mission, vision and values as the core, including the concept of human resource management, market operation, such as social responsibility view, value system, is the leading company thought program of steady development, is the following staff, espoused values.Xingfa is the company's collective leadership of the development process of the situation, development innovation, leading the company to grow steadily in the cultural tour, is changing from a scattered xingfa culture system constantly refined fusion, improve the process of innovation, gradually formed a "vigor xingfa, charm xingfa, talent xingfa, green xingfa, harmonious xingfa, xingfa brand" the enterprise culture.

The Pioneering Period(1994—1999)

XINGFA grew out of the former Xingshan County Chemicals Plant, which was in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region. Under that situation, the top management team (TMT)of XINGFA had made the decision to migrate in advance. With high starting point, XINGFA had brought many new technics and developed new products. Aimed to become the leading enterprise in the phosphate chemical industry domestically, XINGFA had developed the culture of "Seizing, Fighting, Surviving"

The Growth Period(1999—2008)

XINGFA has stepped into the period of rapid development and became the leading enterprise in the phosphate chemical industry domestically. The newly management concepts had been conducted into XINGFA by the top management team (TMT). ISO9001, ISO22000, OHSMS18001 and ISO14001 management systems had been established and been in work. In this period, "integrity management, continuous improvement,brand establishment, harmonious XINGFA" became the new business concept.

The Innovation Period(2008-so far)

Since 2008 till now, XINGFA has branched out and has gained more competition in the market. The unprecedented development opportunities have presented themselves. By the innovations in management, marketing, technics, products and services, the top management team renewed the core value idea as “Integrity-keeping, Excellence-striving, Scientific-processing”. The new value idea has combined the honesty and harmonious development together and has promoted development of XINGFA continually.


Our Vision - Striving to be recognized as “China’s Mightiest and Most World Renowned International Fine Chemicals Enterprise”.

The future goal of the over 7,000 Xingfa Employees is to achieve recognition as “China’s Mightiest and Most World Renowned International Fine Chemicals Enterprise” by focusing on producing consistent results, creating the highest quality and variety of products while simultaneously providing excellent customer service and developing the most qualified, educated and talented employee base during China’s “Twelve Five-Year Plan”.

ur Mission - To be the innovative, technology and science driven world leader in the fine phosphorus chemical industry thus creating value for our society, shareholders, employees and partners.

Regarded as one of the world leaders in the fine phosphorus chemical industry, XINGFA accepts the responsibility not only to fulfill the basic requirements of our customers, employees, shareholders and partners, but to surpass their highest expectations and share in the mutual economic benefits while still maintaining our commitment to social responsibility.

Our Core Values - “Employee-oriented, Integrity-keeping, Excellence-striving, Scientific-processing”

Employee-oriented: XINGFA takes the health, safety, personal and social growth and development of its employees very seriously. Specific measures and programs are regularly implemented and improved in order to maintain the well-being and career satisfaction of all personnel.

Integrity-keeping: XINGFA regards integrity as the foundation on which all successful enterprises and companies are built. XINGFA always strives to be in accordance with all National laws and regulations in both China as well as strictly adhering to international guidelines.

Excellence-striving: Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of XINGFAs success and we take great pride in paying special attention to every Customers’ unique requirements and requests. Excellence is also achieved through vigorous brand development and producing consistently reliable, high quality products.

Scientific-processing: XINGFA strives to continue to grow through sustainable, technological and science-driven measures. Great emphasis in our company is placed on energy self-reliance and a strong desire to continue to develop “green” methods to thrive.


The enterprise culture is the ideological system of steady development of XINGFA. The values should be espoused and followed by all the stuff members. By communicated and disseminated both inside and outside XINGFA, the vison, mission and core values of it have been spread widely to stuffs, partners, customers and other stakeholder and have been recognized by them.